Pathway family center is closed!!!

thank you to everyone who took action and helped to close pathway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sign Petition To Close Pathway Family Center (PFC) (MI, IN, & OH)!

To:  Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), Michigan Department of Licensing, Indiana Department of Licensing, and Ohio Department of Licensing

Pathway Family Center operates in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  Pathway Family Centers/Kids Helping Kids is a continuation of Straight Inc.  Straight Inc. was "shut down" due to abuses ranging from psychological torture, physical abuse, to rape.  These crimes are detailed at: "Help At Any Cost" by Maia Szalavitz,,, and

"Straight" from the founder's (Terri Nissley) mouth.  "There are a group of people out there who are convinced we are Straight incarnate," Nissley said, referring to ISAC. "They're a bunch of wackos who want to legalize drugs."  Yet Nissley's own story of Pathway's inception points directly back to Straight. Nissley's daughter Jenni went through a program in Plymouth, Mich., that closed amid money problems the night that Jenni graduated. Nissley and some of the parents resolved to create a program for 13 other children still in treatment, Nissley told the Detroit Free Press in 2002.  "Out of appreciation for what the program had done for us, we started Pathway Family Center in Southfield (Mich.) in 1993," she said in the Free Press article.  What program was that?  "Straight," Nissley told The Times." 

Pathway Family Center is a dangerous brainwashing cult that defrauds families and harms children.  We ask that CARF and the Departments of Licensing in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio take immediate action to remove licensing and accreditation for this fraudulent and abusive organization.


The Undersigned

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