The Horrors of Depo Provera

by Angela Smith


I was on Depo Provera for birth control for two years. Depo Provera is a product of the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia & Upjohn.  During the first six months I gained 100 pounds. The only change was this drug. I have always been a very active person. I am vegan. I exercise daily. The weight gain was caused solely by the introduction of Depo into my system. Not only did this drug horrifically tamper with my metabolism there were other equally bad effects. My skin broke out terribly. Prior to Depo I had perfectly clear skin, no blemishes. During and after Depo my skin has been horrible. I also began having pre-cancerous cells growing in my cervix. Upon stopping the Depo shot my cervix cleared up. I also suffered from abnormal hair growth among other things. This drug is not wonderful. It appears to be a convenient answer to the contraception needs of our society. But, it is not worth the price your body will pay for using it.

There are so many other options out there. My recommendation is that we, as women, do not tamper with our hormones or body chemistry. There are many ways to avoid harming our bodies. With IUD's and cervical caps you run a risk of infection. The best options are the male condom, female condom, or diaphragm. These protect against disease as well as pregnancy. You can also purchase a fertility monitor at your local drugstore. A couple of models include Clear Plan and Luna Fertility Indicator which will tell you exactly which days you are ovulating so you can avoid having sex on those days or use a condom to avoid pregnancy. It is so much better for your health. Please consider these other options.

Another problem with chemical/hormonal birth control methods is that the ingredients are animal-derived. Animals are tortured to provide these types of birth control. It is better for ethical and environmental reasons to avoid using such drugs. Not to mention that the new Ortho-Tricyclene birth control pill has side effects including heart attack, blood clot, and stroke. It really is not worth putting your life on the line to avoid pregnancy. There are much more effective and healthful ways to do things. Check it out!

I have recently discovered an herbal/natural birth control method that can be used by both men and women. Neem Oil can be used as a spermicidal cream or suppository in women and kills all sperm within 5 minutes. There is also a Neem-Leaf supplement that can be taken orally by men. After six weeks, the man becomes reversibly infertile. Once the man decides he would like to have children, he stops taking the supplement and within six weeks is fertile again. Please check out this website for more information.

Please visit and sign the online petition asking the FDA to review the approval of this drug.  And, please visit for the FDA list of adverse reactions to Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, a main ingredient in depo provera.  Also, If you have any questions regarding this article and my personal experience with this hateful drug, please e-mail me at