The Gateway Drug

By Angela Smith

It seems I can't turn on the television without hearing about marijuana being the gateway drug. It is always some youth speaking out against drugs based on his/her experience. Is this experience real? I don't know. I really don't believe it is. It has been my experience that the gateway drug for children, teenagers, and adults for that matter, is and always will be sugar.

Sugar cane is the gateway drug. Processed sugar, good old C & H is the culprit. Children get their first sugar high at around three years of age and go nuts for it ever after. As these children mature in to teenagers, the high of sugar wears off and caffeine becomes the new stimulant drug. Teenagers watch their parents and in a never tiring battle to become grown ups begin to mimic their behavior. They start to drink alcohol and in some cases smoke cigarettes. Alcohol, as most of us know, is available in the fermented sugar variety. It all comes back to SUGAR.

We also have the gateway drug of tobacco. I know that when I was in high school most of the kids who were getting in to harder (shall we say illegal) drugs started out on coffee, beer, and tobacco. In fact, they continued the use of these "legal" substances after they got into the "bad stuff." Yet, the public outcry is against marijuana. It makes me sick.

Teenagers and human beings in general are going to experiment with altered states at some point. It has been going on since biblical times. It isn't anything new. Unfortunately, people are so focussed on controlling each other that they have lost sight of how to live freely themselves. It is truly sad.

I would much rather see a person experiment for a short time with marijuana than see a person addicted to alcohol and tobacco for the rest of their life. We all know the damage alcohol and tobacco cause. Most people that I know that have experimented with marijuana and acid have only tried it casually and it never became an addiction. Everyone I know that has smoked cigarettes and drunk liquor have continued doing it as an addiction with no altered state or on a frequent basis. This acceptance of these substances and the abhorrence of marijuana is ridiculous. I would like to see people stop blaming catnip's twin seed and start looking for the true answers.

People are starting their children off on the road to drugs from day one. It starts with sugar and when the child becomes "hyperactive" we diagnose them with ADD and prescribe them their first drug addiction to a depressant such as Ridelin or Concerta (sp.). As they grow older and become tamer we continue feeding them sugar and turn them onto caffeinated soda, which gives them a new high. That high needs to be controlled or balanced out as their systems have been taught so they are turned onto alcohol which is a depressant. They lose their effect after a while and something new is needed to both stimulate and depress which is where tobacco and marijuana come in.

There are many over the counter drugs that are damaging to our children and us as well. Every medication we can get our hands on has a warning label with sometimes serious side affects. Teenagers can buy diet drugs that suppress their appetite so they can make themselves sickly thin. They can also buy laxatives and other things that induce unnatural body functions. Everyone has access to these. Everyone has access to Vivarin to wake up and Nytol to fall asleep. There are also problems with prescription addictions at all ages. These drugs are legal and lethal.

A pill came out last year for men called Propecia, which was created to stimulate hair growth. Women are not even to touch the pill because of the danger it poses. I am sure you are aware of all the hazardous and sometimes deadly side affects of prescription medicine. But, the pharmaceutical companies don't care about us. They only care about money. Depo Privera is a prime example, which you can review on my home page. Or you can look into the other new birth control pill that includes side affects such as heart attack and stroke. These are not good things.

The worst thing that can happen when you partake in marijuana or any substance is addiction. We are all addicted to something. Some of us are addicted to sugar, food, drugs, gambling, television, noise, religion, and pain. We all point fingers at those that are addicted to something we don't understand. However, we all suffer from addiction. A few of us escape it by becoming addicted to positive things like exercise, reading, water, or meditation. In this world we all need an escape, why should anyone's choice of escape be anyone else's business. If a person is functioning in society and not causing trouble to anyone else then no one should have the right to interfere. This world is full of illusion, lies, arrogance, and terror. We all need to get away sometime. Judging others is not helping anything. And, instead of pointing the finger at someone else, we should all review our own addictions and see how we can change ourselves. Legality is the only barrier. Corporations to control the masses and make them submit to their brand of slavery create the laws. Don't think for a minute that the CEO's of these corporations aren't addicted and don't full around with illegal substances. But, they never get in trouble. They hold all the cards.

Please don't buy into what they are selling you. Look into yourself and find the answers that will guide your life. Everyone has his/her own path to travel. We can't keep focussing on everything outside of ourselves. We must become the best we can be and forgive others when they know not what they do. Nobody has the right to judge anyone else until they themselves are perfect. It has been my experience that those that are closest to perfection are also those who seek first to understand and reserve judgement or in most cases leave the judging to a higher power. In the words of the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Fight like a brave, don't be a slave, no one can tell you you have to be afraid." It is up to all of us to respect each other. The corporations are never going to respect us unless we stand up for what is right and what is fair. The idea that money is god needs to be given the boot. Truth is God and God is Truth... No matter what your religious beliefs or lack there of, this is the worldwide belief. The Bible says it, Gandhi said it, and Science believes in nothing else. TRUTH!

We are thrown bones by the corporations and the government to focus on while they digest what the real meal is and what is really going on. Drugs is one of these bones. Countless prescription, over the counter, and legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol are available anytime all the time. These drugs are derived from natural sources such as cocaine and heroine. They take out the benefits and leave in that which is addictive and destructive. But, you are to involve yourself in the hypocrisy of accepting everything they say and buying their product while ignoring the glory that nature and/or God created and placed in natural form for us to enjoy and experience. I think it's time we ignore the corporate crap and greed and live freely the way we were meant to be.


"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." ~ Aleister Crowley